Material Handling Carousel Removal


AS/R Systems specializes in material handling carousel installation, removal, relocation and replacement.

Since the early 1990s, AS/R Systems has offered rebuilt horizontal and vertical carousel systems, pick-to-light systems, carousel software design and integration, warehouse management systems, storage carousel installation and complete carousel support and service, including removal, replacement and relocation. AS/R Systems offers rebuilt vertical and horizontal carousels at roughly 60% of the cost of new systems.

Storage Carousel Removal and Replacement Service

With offices located in the greater Chicago area and Ontario Canada, the teardown, removal and reinstallation of horizontal and vertical carousels has been a core part of our business for over 20 years. Whether your need is delivery of a rebuilt warehouse carousel system to your factory or the complete relocation of your existing system across the country, we have the equipment and know-how to disassemble, package, move and reinstall everything from a single machine to multiple double-tiered pods. carousel.jpg

If your business cannot afford any warehouse carousel downtime, the AS/R Systems Carousel Substitution Program may be the solution. We can install industrial carousels professionally remanufactured at our rebuilding plant into your new facility, and take your current units on trade if required. This ensures no material handling equipment downtime as your current units and new systems can run in parallel as long as required. Staff can choose when to relocate material from the old carousel system to the new carousels without moving to a temporary storage location. If desired, AS/R can also re-install your old warehouse carousels with or without running them through the AS/R Systems rebuilding factory.

Storage Carousel Products and Services

AS/R Systems has led the material handling industry for over 20 years with storage carousel removal, installation, and repair. Here is a sampling of services that we provide:

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